Lady Strawberry

Minggu (5/4) , di ulang hari kelahiran istri, kami menemukan sebuah panggilan baru buat si cantik ini :


Sejak rambut di kepalanya kami cukur, kami jadi sering memakaikan penutup kepala di kepalanya


Dan inilah dia ……….. LADY STRAWBERRY !!


She’s a real look
cause she’s my heart my inspiration
Lucky is the man who find the child of love

Like a haunting melody
you allowed to sing forever
She always seems to where so well with time

everybody knows musician needs somebody special
always just the same who keep the crazy dance
better around enough to know for
me there’s no one finer
and she’s mine, she’s my lady valentine

Your the music your my song
Here with me is where you belong
I need my February near

Your the rythm, your my ryhme
Keep me right into the time
And I’m so happy when you’re here

Everybody needs somebody that you can be sure of
Life alone is nowhere that you want to be
sentence isnt long and hopin’
brother you’ve gotta choose
cause i’ve got mine
got my lady valentine

*) David Gates – Lady Valentine


4 thoughts on “Lady Strawberry

  1. iyo, berisi kornea yo Hen ?
    emangnya zombie, matanya putih semuwa ?!!!

    ( lari ngejar Heny sambil bawa pentungan listrik – sebuah alat yang dipakai buat menyadarkan kembali mereka2 lulusan RSJ yang masih sesekali kumat- untuk menjelaskan apa maksud dari ” mata berisi” itu )

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